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What can you expect with a free lasik eye exam and evaluation? Your vision team at will include a lasik doctor that would perform your surgery. During your initial consultation your doctor will get to know you , your vision and the status of your eyes very well. Your team will perform a thorough eye examination, take your general health history and determine if you are a candidate for the lasik eye procedure. In addition, your team may recommend custom laser eye treatment options that will give you the best results possible for your individual eyes. Our surgeons specialize in refractive laser procedures including LASIK vision correction and PRK. This allows them to stay in the forefront of corrective eye treatments, and provide you with the best lasik eye treatment possible. Search for us online under: Laser Eye Surgery Tucson

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  • About Us

    Lasik eye surgery office

    Saguaro Lasik Eye Centers possesses the training you want to see in a medical practice that's been entrusted with your vision. Our team is comprised of dedicated, highly accurate laser eye surgeons that have the experience you need to correct your vision. Our professional, hard working staff is very knowledgable in addressing vision problems, and providing exceptional care for patients seeking the benefits that come from Lasik Eye Surgery.

    Search for us online under: Lasik Eye Surgery Tucson.

  • Why Choose Us?

    Lasik Eye Surgeons

    We offer patients reliable and affordable lasik eye surgery in the Tucson area. We only utilize the latest and proven laser eye surgery technology, and our team of experienced independent LASIK eye surgeons have the years of knowledge and experience you can count on to ensure that your procedure is a successful one. You'll find our professional staff and support team  are excemption at keeping you comfortable throughout your lasik eye surgery experience. Everyting starts with a free evaluation appointment. Your initial consultation with your physician will help you understand your personal condition and the options available to correct your vision.

  • What is Lasik?

    Laser eye surgery files

    LASIK is an acronym that stands for laser in-situ keratomileusis. It's a popular surgerical procedure that is used to correct vision in people who are nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism.

    A LASIK surgery works by reshaping the cornea, which is the clear front part of the eye, so that any light that travels through it is properly focused onto the retina located in the back of the eye.

    LASIK is one of a number of different surgical techniques used to reshape the cornea. Our patients have found us online by searching "lasik eye surgery astigmatism correction".

Frequently Asked Questions About Lasik Eye Surgery

Have questions about laser eye surgery?  here are some commonly asked questions.
  • Is Lasik surgery right for me?

    LASIK surgery gives every patiant the potential to live a life where putting on contacts or reaching for a pair of glasses is a thing of the past. In general, to be a Lasik patient you must be at least 18 years of age, have healthy eyes (not necessarily perfect vision) and a stable eye prescription for the last twelve months. Patients with certain medical conditions and women who are pregnant or nursing (within the last 3 months) are not the best candidates for lasik eye surgery.
  • Will I have 20/20 vision?

    Although our office staff can provide you with accurate data on the outcomes of surgeries like yours, no one can guarantee you perfect vision. In fact, its very unethical to even do so, which is why we avoid it. That being said, we are very happy to share that following laser vision correction, a vast majority of our patients are able to drive, play sports and watch TV without glasses! Our patients are very happy with this life-changing event and enjoy referring their friends and family.
  • Is Lasik a safe procedure?

    LASIK vision correction surgery complications are very rare. We have some of the most experienced independent LASIK surgeons in the industry working in our office. The risk of sight threatening complications is less than 1% overall. When making the decision to go forward with LASIK surgery, be sure to do your research. Always choose a LASIK doctor who is experienced and well respected in the industry and never hesitate to bring a list of questions to ask about the procedure.
  • Is the Lasik procedure painful?

    As a matter of fact, many patients are surprised when the procedure is over and they felt no pain with their LASIK surgery. Anesthetic drops are used to fully numb the eye before the LASIK eye surgery begins. During the laser correction you may feel a slight pressure sensation around your eye. It's common to be given a mild sedative to help you relax prior to your procedure. After your laser eye surgery is complete, your eye may feel a bit irritated for a few hours, but most patients feel very comfortable after taking a brief nap. After your Lasik procedure you'll be prescribed drops for your eyes to provide comfort and healing in the following days.
  • How soon after surgery can I resume my normal activities?

    No, you may not scale Mount Everest the same day of your procedure. That being said, there are some restrictions on activity in the first weeks following laser surgery you'll need to follow. Many LASIK patients are able to resume normal activities the day after. The resulting vision corrections post surgery are typically very rapid and many patients are able to see clearly 24-48 hours after the procedure. Further vision improvement may continue over several months time. Your doctor will recommend avoiding certain activities, like swimming or contact sports for several weeks.
  • How much does Lasik cost?

    We take every step to ensure your LASIK eye surgery is an endeavor you can afford. To accomplish this we will always provide you with clear, predictable LASIK prices that are relative to your eye prescription and laser eye surgery needs. This price is reviewed at your FREE LASIK Evaluation. We also offer an easy financing process and 90% of our patients qualify for financing. So why do some practices charge more than others? Due to the significant investment that accompanies owning lasers and the diagnostic equipment necessary to perform laser vision correction ($600,000) most surgeons rent time on a laser. These lasers may be at the eye doctor’s office or at another facility. The cost for this LASIK equipment can be $1,400 -$2,000 per patient – and that cost gets passed onto the patient.

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